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To market to market! Empire biscuit recipe

So I have started doing markets and it is very exciting! Started off with the Royal Bank at Gogarburn a couple of months ago and now doing Portobello Market at Brighton Park on the first Saturday of every month. I am down to do a couple more markets at the Royal Bank in May 2018 and in July 2018.

Portobello Market runs from 930am to 130pm. There is always a different variety of traders - from cheese to meat to pickles to cake! I am finding it a very friendly market with the locals and people seem to come from all over Edinburgh to it! There is a lot of organising to a market which I did not realise when I started to look into it - you have to get liability insurance ,traders insurance, first aid kit, toothpicks for samples, gloves, apron to name but a few -not to forget the cake. The other reason for dong the markets is to let people know about my cake business so I have a frame of a varity of pictures of some of my cakes on the stall to let people see them.

Once I was sorted out and ready to go - although I have only done 3 so far I am getting more confident and seeing what customers want.

Next market is RBS Gogarburn on 23rd May 2018 then at Portobello Market on 2nd June 2018 so hopefully see you soon!

Here is another one of my favourite cake to eat and make - very popular at the market so far.....



130g caster sugar.

250g butter.

1 egg.

500g plain flour.

To decorate -

Strawberry or raspberry jam.

200g icing sugar.

few teaspoons of boiling water.

glace cherries/gummy sweets/icing shapes.


Preheat the oven to 180 C or 160 for fan or Gas Mark 4 and line a coupe of baking trays with greaseproof paper.

Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.

Add the egg and mix until combined, then sift in the flour and mix to form a dough.

Roll the dough on a floured surface to around 1cm thick. Using a round cutter, cut your biscuits and transfer to your baking tray.

Bake for around 10 minutes until the edges of the biscuit are golden.

When still warm but cool enough to touch, add the jam to the underside of half of the biscuits and pop the other half on top of these to sandwich together.

When completely cool, make your icing by mixing sifted icing sugar and gradually adding boiling water until you are happy with the consistency - gloopy is what you are aiming for. Gently dip the top into the icing or use a knife to spread it on then top with your decoration.

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