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Mrs.Thatcher! Walnut whip cupcakes

When I was asked to do Mrs.Thatcher cupcakes I knew it would be challenging. The lady who ordered them had seen my Halloween cupcakes, one of which was a witch, and wanted Mrs.Thatcher done in a similar way!

I normally Google the theme or idea for some inspiration but there was only one other Margaret Thatcher cupcakes that I could see so I had to get a classic picture of her as a guide.

I started by colouring fondant peach to get skin colour then starting on my 9 heads! I moulded her face and left them to dry. It was kinda creepy all the heads lined up!! Then I added her hair which was tricky as her hair was very distinctive. If I did not put enough at the front then she looked like Donald Trump! I used edible pen to give her eyebrows and lipstick, I then wrapped coloured blue fondant around the walnut whips. I folded back to make her lapels of her suit and put white fondant in the space to make her blouse.

Next I made Vanilla Cupcakes from Lola's Forever recipe book then when they were cool added some vanilla buttercream to make the walnut whip stick and fill in the gaps. I put her head on with water on top of the walnut whip and made a black handbag in fondant. I used an edible gold pen to add details on the bag. Doesn't sound a lot when I write what I did but from start to finish they took about a week to put together. Here's a wee reminder of them.

Happy Baking!


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