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Christmas Cake Tray Cake Recipe!

I made this last week for an event I was at in Haddington at the weekend and it went down a storm! Everyone that tasted it was complimentary and bought some. It's great as you can cut it into whatever size of pieces you want - I cut it into rectangular slices - same size as a Mr.Kipling cake to give you an idea - and it gave me about 20 slices.

It is really easy to make and you can have fun decorating it how you like!

Ingredients: 125g Butter,

125g Golden Caster Sugar,

3 Small Eggs,

150g Plain Flour,

500g Mixed Fruit,

1 teaspoon of Mixed Spice.

Apricot jam, marzipan, fondant or royal icing and decoration.

Put on the oven to 170 C / 150C fan.

Put sugar and butter in bowl and beat till creamy. Beat in eggs. Fold in flour - add fruit and spice.

Bake for 45-50 minutes till firm to touch.

Cool completely

Brush with apricot jam - you could warm it first in a pan then sieve to get the lumps out but you don't have to. The jam will stick the marzipan on.

Roll out marzipan onto tray cake. Trim if need be around the edges.

Put on royal icing or roll on fondant.

You can buy packets of Royal Icing and it gives you directions on making it up - it it a very stiff icing but really popular on Christmas Cakes. I spike it up with my knife to make it look like snow.

I always buy Renshaw Icing - Hobbycraft is the main supplier I go to. I find Renshaw icing easy to use, looks good and tastes delicious.

I sprayed on some gold dust to top of my fondant but you could decorate it any way you fancy!


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